About Avery

How far your sensual fantasies take you? I, Avery, bet to take you to the land of sensual dreams crossing the boundary that you have marked. I am a 24-year-old brunette possessing black eyes that makes me look more charming. I hold a perfect bust size which is 79 cm that highlights the curves in my figure making me look sexy. Well, I never hold back anything. For me your satiation is important.

Inhale fineness with me

I offer fine treatment of your sensual nerves that helps in a complete cure. I am energetic and lovable. Thus, one who spends time with m never thinks of anyone else apart from me. My service includes all the titillation that rejuvenates your sensual lust. Your craving for me energizes me to perform in a better way. I, Avery, request you to fill the form provided below to take my extraordinary service.


Age: 22
Location: San Diego
Height: 5′-6″ / Weight: 127lbs
Eyes: Hazel / Hair: Brunette
Availability: Local & International
Languages: English